I would first like to say thank you for taking an interest in my website "portfolio" and the work I do as a garden consultant and landscape designer. I want to introduce you to my work, my background, and how I go about the design process when creating a successful landscape. I invite you to take a few minutes and peek around my site so you may become more familiar with myself and my work.

        My objective as a garden consultant is to make the gardening process an enjoyable experience where you ask questions and learn the ins and outs of successful horticulture. My job as a landscape designer is to create a beautiful setting for your outdoor areas which is also sensitive to your needs and desires as well as the needs for the environment. I cannot stress how important it is to me to have a satisfied client. Therefore, I am not pleased with a project until you, the client, is satisfied with the final outcome of the project. Whether you need a private consultation to get your home landscaping project off on the right foot, or start from scratch with a new full landscape design, or help with embellishing existing gardens, I can provide you with superior quality landscape design and consultation services. I can offer you:

     Personal consultations where questions about gardening can be asked and you'll get  advice about what is good for your particular garden, with its idiosyncrasies, issues and problems.

   An unbiased gardening mentor who will help you choose plants with you at your local nursery or garden center which will suit your garden, containers, property, and wants.

       Practical experience illustrating awareness of the foundations and implementation of the supreme quality landscape design.

      One of a kind, heart-stopping designs by working closely and intently listening to the desires and practical needs of my clients

    A Bachelor of Science in General Plant Sciences and Ornamental Horticulture from Cornell University and 10 years experience in residential landscape design and 5 years of retail nursery management

     My specialties comprise of:

Shade gardens Cutting Gardens Container Gardens
Perennial Beds Annual Beds Water gardens
Herb Gardens Fragrance Gardens Wildlife Gardens
Small Space Gardens Foundation Plantings Rock Gardens
Cottage Gardens Mixed Borders Native plantings

      I would deeply enjoy working with you on creating your own personal plot of paradise. If you would like more information on me or my work please feel free to email me or look through the links on the side.

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